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Du willst die Zukunft prägen und mitgestalten, aber weißt nicht genau, wie Du anfangen sollst? Lass dich von unserer Leaders von Morgen Lernserie inspirieren. Bist Du ready to Change the Game?

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Das sind Wir

Wir, bei vonMorgen, sehen es als unseren Auftrag, Einblicke in unsere Zukunft zu vermitteln, komplexe Themen greifbar zu machen und Future Skills zu trainieren. Wie? Durch eigenproduzierte Lernserien, Interviews und Live-Experiences. Dabei ist uns wichtig, dass Jeder wachsen und sein volles Potential erkennen, sowie entfalten kann. So können wir gemeinsam die Welt vonMorgen gestalten.

Lerne uns kennen!

- our mission

vonMorgen aspires to provide highly individualized and inspiring learning experiences so that everyone can grow and unfold to their fullest potential.

Therefore, we develop Learning Platforms, Learning Applications and Learning Content with immersive technology – such as VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) combined with Machine Learning Solutions.

what we do

- About us

vonMorgen means being one step ahead - not just dealing with new trends and technologies but also to think ahead and to be boundlessly visionary. That is why we see ourselves and technology as bridge-builders between the past, the present and the future.
We are vonMorgen.

Our products and learning solutions appeal directly to how humans learn best: through experience and exploration. Technology is our vehicle. We believe in learning from new points of view.

who we are
Hansi Flick
Previous Sportsdirector DFB and Head Coach of Bayern Munich

„I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan Sierck and the vonMorgen team in a business context during my time as a sporting director and also as a participant in their workshops and keynote presentation. They captivate through their enormous domain expertise, their enthusiasm for learning products and their unique solutions for clients.“

Sandra Plato
Regional Head of People Attraction & Talent Management, Allianz

"Die Arbeit mit vonMorgen war von Anfang an von viel Dynamik, Start-up Spirit und Innovationsfreude geprägt. Wir haben uns dem Thema VR/AR zuerst spielerisch genähert - damit war das gemeinsame Projekt "Entwicklung eines Virtual Reality Moduls für das Employer Branding" mit der positiven Erinnerung an unseren gemeinsam Fun-Workshop verbunden. Das Ergebnis des Projektes ist wirklich beeindruckend, für unser Team war zudem auch der Weg das Ziel, denn wir haben alle unheimlich viel NEUES gelernt. Danke an das gesamte Team vonMorgen!“

Dr. Dirk Reich
Dr. Dirk Reich
Head of Innovation Management, Audi AG, Dr. Dirk Reich

„VonMorgen is an innovative company, that elevates learning experiences to the next level. I was personally very impressed by their technology and learning applications.“

Josef Stakemeier
Head of Strategic Sales,

„Companies in the 21st century do not only have to deal with and integrate new innovations fast, they also have to prioritize to continually prepare their workforce for the digital transformation. Those, who want to be a step ahead, need to attract and enthuse new employees through compelling learning and development formats. With their VR products about Digital Upskilling, Employer Branding and Onboarding, vonMorgen offers a great solution for that challenge.“

Some reasons to work with us


Our Learning Content is highly inspiring, simple, clear and

Become a talent magnet

Attracting the best is a major challenge. By using cutting edge technologies, you increase the chance to excite young talents to come on board.

Data Tracking

With our system you can actually measure how performance rises. A great way to boost morale and motivation.

The ideal preparation

Instead of being put on the spot, you can practice behind closed doors in virtual settings so that you shine in real life.

Total immersion

0 Distractions. 100% Focus on the world at hand. Your training content is memorized for months and years instead of one afternoon.


Our mix of captivating storytelling and proven didactics leverage your learning results, whilst ensuring fun and inspiration.

Attract the best

By using cutting edge technologies, you increase the chance to excite young talents to come on board.

Save time and money

No separate training days for multiple locations. vonMorgen allows you to do your training remote and save.



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